About us

The monks of Glenstal Abbey live under the Rule of Benedict and an Abbot. The holistic life described in the Rule is one of harmony and balance whose structure and rhythm allows time and space for God. The rhythm of our prayer life and ritual helps us to slow down and find joy in the smallest of things. The bell which calls us to prayer and sets the pulse of our daily life is echoed in the font which was chosen for simply glenstal.

Simply Glenstal the Brand

Many guests have commented that they would like to take something of Glenstal home with them. Simply Glenstal was born out of a desire to answer that need and create some products which reflect our community in an honest and transparent manner. To this end we have created a small collection which has been made or developed by monks in the community. This collection also allows us to recall the early days of the monastery when an art & craft school was established by the first monks who came here in 1927.

Underlying all our decisions are the three pillars, authenticity, sustainability and made by monks. St Benedict reminds his monks that they are to see holiness in everyday things, in the tools of the workshop as well as the vessels on the altar. The pillars have influenced our decisions in choosing the different elements which make up our products. We are conscious of reducing the carbon footprint of the Abbey and the profits of this range will be used to develop new initiatives to switch to renewable power sources as we recognise that one of the most important tools in our world to-day is energy.